Search Engine Optimisation

Today's internet business relies on many different avenues of lead generation, none more effective than 'SEO' when implemented correctly. The SEO team at Chimply action real-world testing on our very own development sites in order to find exactly what works effectively, and within budget for each project. We are different to traditional SEO companies in that we find competitor analysis to be the most important benchmark when putting together a Search Engine plan. If you're doing everything your competitor is doing well, and then improving on it consistently, there's only one outcome. Get in touch for a free consultancy today.

Bespoke Web & App Development

Chimply have over 20 years of website build & development experience, so we truly know our stuff when it comes to building businesses online. Equally we're just at home developing mobile-apps, which can be a really untapped resource and a unique way to market your business and develop leads. From small-medium businesses needing a website locally, to enterprise-level web application platforms, our team is adept at meeting client requirements. Talk to us about what your website needs to achieve.

Web Hosting & Cloud Data Storage

Cloud hosting is fast becoming the norm, and for good reason. Able to deliver just the right amount of hosting space and tinkering your resource usage to match traffic in real-time, it makes sense to take all the hassle out of web-hosting and data storage. Gone are the days of data limits and storage capacity, you pay for what you use, when you use it. I'm sure every business would invite a constant upward stream of customer traffic, so don't limit your business and go cloud based today. For those that need a dedicated physical solution, our hosting servers are lightning fast and very reasonably priced. Le us tailor a solution to your business.

Google Penalty Recovery

We understand the importance of recovering from a manual or algorithmic Google penalty. If left unfixed for too long, it can even be the demise of some businesses who rely on organic traffic daily. We have many client examples of re-ranking websites. From determining the root of the problem to actioning a cure and seeing recovery, we have had success within 30 days in some cases. Why wait until you've been punished? Let us check your site for thin, spammy content or a malicious backlink profile and fix the root of the problem before it's too late. With Google rolling out algorithm updates on a daily basis - act now, don't react.

Dedicated IT & Tech Support

We pride ourselves on offering a full technical solution to any and every customer. From website and brand exposure to on-site technical and IT support. From a single point of contact available during working hours to a team of support technicians available 24/7, we'll tailor our tech teams to support you as a bespoke solution.


Marketing ourselves in general has changed, and where traditional outbound methods fail, new improved avenues arise. Let Chimply and our marketing guru's open the door in front of you as the one behind has now closed. It can be a struggle to catch up if what you know becomes outdated but with our help, you can meet the challenges of the modern marketplace and get back on top of your sector. Setting a Sales and Marketing Strategy is absolutely vital. Ensure that you know how best to approach the market and meet new challenges effectively by structuring your goals, and planning to avoid any closing doors along the way. Our competitor analysis helps you to Assesses the competition and conquer, as we continually monitor and measure your position to maximise your opportunities and potential for growth.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is ultimately the grounds of where Chimply began some seven years ago, and over time we’ve worked with all kinds of clients in a wide variety of fields. The experience we’ve gained is invaluable and has allowed us to build our portfolio of services, with which we have developed unique packages and strategies for many clients. Great or small, we can devise a strategy that works for you, and increase your profit, sales and exposure. If you’re looking to increase your business sales leads our lead generation service can help you. Through a combination of customer surveys and market research, we can help you ensure higher client retention through better business practices. Save time and effort by getting straight to the decision makers, especially if you know the audience you’re trying to reach but need to find key personnel. Our email marketing service plays a huge role within the modern business World. Ensure your vital information and content lands in the pocket of your audience while being optimised, designed and well reported.


One of the most traditional and more popular marketing techniques because, quite simply, it works. Despite seeming simple and intuitive, properly implemented telemarketing takes a degree of planning and detail that not everyone is aware of. Our expert team of highly skilled, full time employees have years of experience and work in close partnership with our clients to ensure the correct sectors are identified and targeted whilst also facilitating access to key decision makers in order to maximise real-world sales appointments. Few things are more jarring than being swept back into a scripted conversation that doesn’t address your particular needs, and our script-less approach allows for real product knowledge which drives results with a noticeable increase in lead conversion across the board.

Online Marketing

Establish your presence online, get brand recognition and learn how to get ahead on social media. If you want to sit on top of Google results, you’re in the right place. Online Marketing is still a relatively new avenue of marketing but it changes regularly and you have to keep up with algorithms in many cases on a daily basis. Online marketing brings endless possibilities, and it can be a challenge to know where to start, or know whether you’re marketing yourself well enough to capture the attention of those you are targeting. If you have no web presence at all, or your last website was built years ago, then a new modern mobile responsive website should be your first port of call. A well-designed website is the foundation for any online marketing strategy. If you have a website and aren’t getting the hits you need, you might want to consider how you are advertising. Pay Per Click advertising ‘PPC’ can help with more relevant traffic and more potential business opportunities but PPC has proved to be expensive and not always suited to your needs. If you’re looking to grow your audience and reach new prospects, Social Media Marketing ‘SMM’ could be, and often is, the perfect platform to get the ball rolling. We can start you off with your campaign and teach you how to use websites like LinkedIn or Facebook to your advantage and to build your network to invite new business opportunities. To understand any section of Online Marketing in further depth, or train your staff to use it to its full potential, we offer a variety of consultancy and training sessions. Stay ahead of the game with comprehensive training, and expand your sales potential.

Content Marketing

If there ever was a vast ocean of possibility, it’s the digital marketing market place. Many companies believe by just having a website they are addressing the online market efficiently. They do not take into account the myriad factors that are required to truly understand and reach their targeted audience online. At Chimply Web Group we understand the challenges of the digital marketplace, and how to circumvent them with content marketing. It’s often said that ‘Content is King’, but we believe it goes even further than that. In a swiftly growing global marketplace, it’s hard to differentiate your business from the rest, and we believe a key way to do this is to become a thought leader with written content, video, blogging and more. Social media is the first step to help you showcase your knowledge and establish yourself as a trusted advisor in your field through, effective social media optimisation requires regular posts, a sequence of events and a real marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Chimply specialises in targeted business-to-business online marketing with clients large and small, offering professional services to start-ups or established international corporations with lead generation and strategic marketing solutions. Our staff are highly experienced in creating tailored email marketing campaigns using either clients' own mailing lists, or our UK business directory which spans hundreds of thousands of British business contacts in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which can also be rented or purchased for your own campaign. By developing cutting edge websites that mean business, and optimising for growth with on-page or off-page search engine optimisation and social media marketing. Our example study shows 'square meals' exhibition at old billingsgate with over 750,000 emails sent to event professionals, organisers and bookers in addition to facebook shares and online event campaigns, twitter mentions, likes and google +1’s.